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About Us 


The regibussa stands on an ancient structure built around 1500 AD, some brick walls were built together with the old walls of Asti.

We are in Casabianca, a modest fraction of Asti, a quiet corner of land that is not affected by the noise of the city and the major communication routes, in the heart of Monferrato, the splendid hills that are a Unesco heritage site. Here stands the Hotel Restaurant "La Regibussa" which spreads over 12 hectares of completely fenced greenery and rises in an ancient outbuilding, totally renovated, originally the site of a convent of the Gerosolimitani friars. As evidence of the ancient origins, some ancient texts and a stone carved with the Maltese cross, found in the re-adaptation of the main part. A beautiful avenue shaded by linden trees accompanies guests towards the structure. A large garden surrounds the complex, making the Regibussa an ideal place for those in search of relaxation, tranquility and sensations of rural life. A period church completes the picture that presents itself to the eyes of the guests

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